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#Dewani :Sneha Hindocha Facebook Message -Hope you are comfortable in your dead cousin's saris - The vicious message that left murder victim's best friend distraught

All smiles: Shrien Dewani with wife Anni Dewani on their wedding day
All smiles: Shrien Dewani with wife Anni Dewani on their wedding day
The best friend and cousin of honeymoon murder victim Anni Dewani has been left distraught after receiving a vicious message criticising her for not doing more to save her life.
The message sent to Sneha Hindocha via Facebook also hurtfully stated: ‘Hope you are comfortable in your dead cousin’s saris.’
The 27-year-old believes the message may have been sent by supporters of Anni’s husband Shrien Dewani, who is accused of orchestrating the killing during the couple’s honeymoon in South Africa.
Last week Home Secretary Theresa May rubber-stamped an extradition order to send Mr Dewani to Cape Town to answer claims that he offered to pay two hitmen £1,400 to kill his 28-year-old wife in a faked carjacking.
The move follows a campaign by the bereaved Hindocha family, who demanded the British businessman stand trial to give them the answers that would allow them closure.

Mr Dewani, 31, from Bristol, denies all of the accusations and has lodged an appeal against the decision.
The Facebook missive was one of five threatening messages Miss Hindocha says were sent to her after it was reported she had told police that Anni had considered calling off her wedding because she was unsure if she loved her husband.
Screenshot of the message sent to Anni Dewani's cousin and best friend, Sneha Hindocha. It suggests Sneha could have done more to save Anni's life
Screenshot of the message sent to Anni Dewani's cousin and best friend, Sneha Hindocha. It suggests Sneha could have done more to save Anni's life
It read: ‘At the prayers in bristol you lied to everyone. if you really knew that then you should have done something about it – you could have saved her life. ps. hope you are comfortable in all your dead cousin’s sari’s [sic] that you have taken.’
Hate campaign: Victim Sneha Hindocha who was Anni Dewani's cousin and best friend
Hate campaign: Victim Sneha Hindocha who was Anni Dewani's cousin and best friend
Miss Hindocha believes the message may have been sent by a supporter of Mr Dewani because the only prayers she has attended in Bristol took place at Mr Dewani’s home in Westbury-on-Trym just days after Anni’s murder.
The Facebook message was sent under the name ‘Sneha Mushru’ – the name Miss Hindocha will take when she marries her fiance next year.
This further convinced her the sender had knowledge of the Hindocha family.
Miss Hindocha said: ‘It must be someone who knows me. I know who I think it is but I don’t want to say anything because I don’t want to cause any problems.’ Miss Hindocha and Anni moved to Britain together and shared a flat in Luton before Anni married Mr Dewani in India two weeks before her murder.
She said the cruel words in the message hurt her deeply.
‘When I read it the first time I started to cry and I got more and more guilty feelings,’ she said. ‘I already had a kind of guilt – you always say, “I wish I would have done this, I wish I would have done that.”
‘Me and Anni would just talk about everything like we always did but now I wish I had said different things to her.
‘But that’s something I have to live with every day, I don’t need someone throwing it in my face and saying you could have stopped [her dying].
‘I got more and more frightened because it’s just messages now, but what’s next?’
Mr Dewani was implicated in his wife’s murder by Zolo Tongo, the couple’s taxi driver in Cape Town, who claimed in a plea bargain that Mr Dewani had arranged the killing.
Tongo has already been jailed for 18 years after admitting his part in the crime. Two other men, one seriously ill with a brain tumour, face trial next year.

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#Dewani : 'Take My Rings Not My Bride'

THE carjack Brit whose bride was kidnapped and shot dead begged the beauty’s killers to take their rings instead.

Millionaire Shrien Dewani, 30, pleaded with the gunmen who ambushed them on honeymoon to seize the wedding bands.

He and terrified Anni, 28 — both held in their chauffeured car at gunpoint as the driver was ordered to put his foot down — also offered the bride’s engagement ring along with cash, jewellery, watches and their mobile phones.

This morning, a 26-year-old man was charged with murder and hijacking. He will appear in court tomorrow.

The groom’s shattered brother Preyen, 32, said as South African cops yesterday grilled a suspect over the carjacking in a Cape Town slum: “Shrien offered them everything they had.

“The robbers took these items — then told Shrien to leave the vehicle.”

Driver ... Zola Tongo
Driver ... Zola Tongo

The VW Sharan was still moving when the groom was hurled out — although he was remarkably uninjured. The car’s driver Zola Tongo, 31 — who had been bundled out of it earlier — insisted: “It wasn’t my fault. I am beside myself with grief.” Swedish-born graduate Anni was found in the car next day — shot three times.

Last night Shrien, of Westbury-on-Trym, Bristol — who runs care home company PSP Healthcare — was flying back to the UK with her body. His tycoon dad Prakash was with him.
Shrien and Anni wed in Mumbai and were four days into a honeymoon. They chose South Africa because it shared their SA initials.

#Dewani : Family School For Anni

THE family of a British businessman accused of ordering the brutal killing of his wife on their South African honeymoon plans to build a school in her memory.

Authorities are seeking to extradite Shrien Dewani after a taxi driver serving time for his part in the horrific crime claimed the wealthy care home owner set a hit man on Anni.
Her 30-year-old husband denies any involvement in the death of his bride, who friends and relatives have described as “the woman of his dreams”.

Husband ... Shrien Dewani
Husband ... Shrien Dewani

His family is now planning to join with 28-year-old Anni’s family to create some good out of the tragedy, by building a school in India, where they have roots.

The two groups of relatives will fund the project using thousands of pounds in donations from well-wishers.

A close family member of Dewani’s said: “We’ve collected over £15,000 jointly between the families from people who wanted to pay tribute to Anni and that money’s going to be used to build a school in India in her memory.

“Anni’s been taken from us all and we won’t get her back but what we can do is give to, and help, other people.”

A page has been set up online by a Dewani family member so the public can donate to a residential school for about 500 students from the tribes around the border of Dang in Gujarat and Nashik in Maharashtra in the west of the country.

The family member added: “Even people who didn’t know Anni have been donating.”
And while Dewani has received the full support of his local community in Westbury-on-Trym in Bristol, the families have also been overwhelmed by a wave of international support. more