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DEWANI: First witness..Shrien hired taxi through secretary..Shrien also suggested they ring their families a couple of hours before the fateful night

Murdered Anni 'in tears on honeymoon flight,' says father of British tourist shot dead in South Africa

By George Arbuthnott
Last updated at 4:14 PM on 29th November 2010

Questions: Vinod Hindocha, pictured here with daughter Anni Dewani, says she refused to sit next to her husband on their honeymoon flight
Questions: Vinod Hindocha, pictured here with daughter Anni Dewani, says she refused to sit next to her husband on their honeymoon flight
The British tourist murdered in South Africa burst into tears and refused to sit next to her husband as they flew off on their honeymoon, her father claimed last night.

Anni Dewani, 28, was shot dead when she and her new husband Shrien were hijacked by robbers as their taxi drove through a notorious township in Cape Town. Mr Dewani was released unharmed.

Yesterday Anni’s father, Vinod Hindocha, added to the mystery surrounding the case when he telephoned The Mail on Sunday and said: ‘We have heard that the air hostess noticed they were sitting separately and Anni was crying.

The air hostess apparently asked Anni if she would like to sit with Shrien, but Anni said no.’

It is not clear where this information originated from, or indeed how it was passed to Anni’s family. Pressed to elaborate, Mr Hindocha said: ‘We are not sure, it is something you will have to check out.’

Last night Mr Dewani’s British lawyer, Charlotte Harris, denied there was any hostility between the couple. However her statement did not refute the allegation that Anni had been crying.

She said: ‘Any suggestion that there was hostility between the couple on the aeroplane or at any other point during the honeymoon is completely false.’ She added: ‘The Dewani family are upset about the Press intrusion into their grief at this very difficult time.’

Earlier, speaking from his home in Mariestad, Sweden, Mr Hindocha, 61, expressed disappointment that Mr Dewani, 31, had failed to return to Cape Town to try to identify the hijackers. A South African newspaper has claimed detectives want him to return to South Africa for questioning.

Taxi driver Zola Tongo, 31, and two local men have been charged with murder and robbery.

Mr Dewani has strenuously denied any involvement in the death of his wife. Max Clifford, the public relations adviser hired by Mr Dewani, said his client was not a formal suspect and would not be travelling back to Cape Town.

He said Mr Dewani was ‘under sedation’ after the shock of what he had been through.

Yesterday Mr Hindocha described how the murder had damaged his relationship with Mr Dewani. He said: ‘If Anni was alive today then our relationship would have been strong like father and son, but with Anni dead that bond isn’t there. I think he should go back to South Africa and point out the culprits.’
Witness: An air hostess has apparently claimed that Anni Dewani burst into tears on the flight with her husband
Witness: An air hostess has apparently claimed that Anni Dewani burst into tears on the flight with her husband
Mr Hindocha said he flew to Cape Town to join Mr Dewani and his father, Prakash, hours after learning his daughter had been killed. ‘Shrien came up to me with tears in his eyes and said, “I couldn’t take care of your daughter as I promised.”

‘He then described how they had been kidnapped, robbed, and how, after he had been thrown out of the window, Anni was killed.

But later they were doing everything without me. Shrien was doing all the paperwork in a different room. I didn’t know who he was talking to, what he was doing or where he was going. I was shocked that they weren’t telling me what was happening.’

Mr Hindocha, an electrical engineer, said neither the South African police nor British or Swedish embassies had contacted him in the 10 days since he left Cape Town.

He also revealed that Mr Dewani had told his daughter before the wedding that he had been engaged before but did not say why it was broken off.

He said the marriage between Anni and Mr Dewani was not arranged and her family had not paid a dowry to the Dewani family during the lavish wedding held in Mumbai in September, which is understood to have cost in the region of £200,000.

Mr Hindocha said: ‘We are part of the Lohana caste and dowries do not exist in our culture. If I want to give him something it is up to me.’
Together: Shrien Dewani, pictured with Anni, has strictly denied any involvement in her murder
Together: Shrien Dewani, pictured with Anni, has strictly denied any involvement in her murder
He added: ‘Anni and Shrien were introduced by relatives in England about 14 months ago but my daughter had to make up her own mind. I never spoke to Shrien’s family before the engagement – my daughter did not want us to meet the parents until she was sure. I did know Shrien was well educated.’

Mr Dewani is based in Westbury-on-Trym in Bristol where he runs a chain of care homes. The couple had planned to settle in the West Country.

Mr Hindocha described the moment his family heard the taxi carrying Anni had been hijacked. He said he spoke to his daughter on the phone just a couple of hours before the attack and she had assured him she was having a ‘lovely time’.

Comment: Shrien had suggested they ring their families before leaving on the fateful night...

But later he received another phone call, from Prakash Dewani.
‘Anni’s father-in-law rang around midnight and said, “Your daughter is kidnapped but Shrien is fine.”

At that moment my wife knew. She cried and said, “She is not alive, I feel it.” Shrien’s brother, Preyen, rang and said he had arranged tickets for a plane from Gothenburg.

‘I arrived in Amsterdam, where I was to catch my connecting flight to Cape Town and I switched my phone on and called home, hoping to hear what had happened to Anni. Before I could say anything they were crying and I knew she was dead.’


From MIKE Behr In Cape Town

First witness: Simbonile Matokazi found Shrien Dewani after the robbery and subsequent murder of the latter's wife
First witness: Simbonile Matokazi found Shrien Dewani after the robbery and subsequent murder of the latter's wife

A witness who encountered Shrien Dewani minutes after he was dumped by his wife’s killers has cast new light on the millionaire businessman’s account of what happened.

Simbonile Matokazi, 33, a local government auditor, says the businessman did not appear to have been thrown from the car on to sand, as Mr Dewani initially claimed.

Neither does Mr Matokazi’s testimony support the 30-year-old’s later assertion that he was dragged ‘struggling and screaming’ out of the passenger window.

He said Mr Dewani ‘had a suit on and a nice shirt underneath’ and looked neither ruffled nor bruised.
‘We just saw a decent guy,’ he added. Mr Matokazi’s observations were endorsed by a police source closely involved in the investigation.

‘The officer who reached him [Mr Dewani] said that it didn’t look like he was hurt,’ said the source. ‘He saw no injuries or anything. And there was no sand on his clothes.

‘It didn’t look like Mr Dewani had been in a struggle. He still looked smart, like he was coming out of a restaurant.’

After dropping off some friends at the airport, Mr Matokazi – who was with his wife – was about to park his car when he saw Mr Dewani staggering between some roadside shacks.

‘He said to me, “Excuse me, is there a nearby police station where I can report a hijack because my wife and I were hijacked”, ’ said Mr Matokazi.

‘I said, “Where is the car now?”

I asked a few questions about how long he had been out of the car.

‘I asked him what kind of car they were driving and he didn’t know. He said he thought it was a VW car. He was almost crying. In fact, he was crying.’

Mr Matokazi said he then called the police. ‘The guy was walking up and down, panicking and in shock. My wife was worried that the hijackers would rape his wife but I told her not to say that loud because it would upset him more.’

While they waited for the police, Mr Dewani claimed that he had been ‘kicked’ out of the car on to sand.

Asked if he appeared to have been dragged out of the car, Mr Matokazi said: ‘Honestly, no, there was nothing like that.’

But Mr Matokazi insisted that Mr Dewani seemed believable: ‘I even said if he was an actor then he must have been a good actor. Everything looked genuine that night.’

When the police arrived, they asked Mr Dewani for the registration number of the taxi and he said he could get it by ringing his family in London.

The police source said: ‘He tried to phone his family from the officer’s phone but he could only make local calls.

‘So Mr Dewani said we must take him straight to the hotel. It seems as if maybe the family hired the car for Mr Dewani.

‘Every time the officer tried to ask him questions, Mr Dewani started crying.

‘The officer would wait for Mr Dewani to calm down and then ask him again, but he just cried.’



Shrien Dewani was previously engaged to the daughter of a tycoon who founded the Indian budget airline SpiceJet.
In February 2009 Mr Dewani suddenly cancelled plans for the wedding, despite protests from his fiancee, Rani Kansagra, and her family.

It was around this time that he began dating Anni after meeting her through a relative in London. They married in a lavish ceremony in Mumbai a few weeks ago.

Miss Kansagra, 26, lives with her family in Northwood, Middlesex. Her father is multi-millionaire businessman Bhupendra Kansagra – who met Barack Obama when the US President visited India last month.

Last night Mr Kansagra refused to comment on the engagement between his daughter and Mr Dewani. He said: ‘I don’t want to get involved in this, I am not interested.’

Miss Kansagra also refused to comment but a friend of the family said: ‘Shrien suddenly broke off the whole thing and she begged him not to. Her dad also intervened, but it was of no use.

‘Now they think it was good, as her family did not like him much. He was a bit too showy and bit too full of himself. They are still angry at him for breaking off the engagement, but they are also relieved.’

The friend added: ‘Shrien was money-orientated, that’s for sure.’
Bhupendra Kansagra was one of the founding chief executives of SpiceJet, India’s second-biggest budget airline, with a fleet of 22 aircraft and 66 more on order.

When the airline was established in 2005, Mr Kansagra and his brother Suresh had a 13 per cent share in the company, which they sold in 2008. It is believed SpiceJet has a current market value of £160 million.

Mr Kansagra is now involved in the agriculture, oil and gas industries, and his companies operate in Britain, India and five Africa countries, including Kenya, which he left to move to Britain.
Last night Mr Dewani’s lawyer, Charlotte Harris, said: ‘Rani and Shrien met in August 2008. They got engaged in December 2008. They mutually decided not to get married in February 2009. Having spoken to the family, the relationship with his ex-fiancee did not end acrimoniously.’

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DEWANI: 22nd November 21st Nov. Anni's funeral

MURDERED honeymoon hijack victim Anni Dewani's funeral was held yesterday - amid fears her husband could be targeted by her killers.

British care home tycoon Shrien Dewani, 30, is to fly back to Cape Town this week to help identify two men being held for beauty Anni's murder.

But he will be under armed guard as cops there fear he could be targeted in a bid to stop him.

The driver of the couple's hijacked taxi is already in hiding, after fearing he would be killed because he too had seen the gunmen's faces.

News that Shrien, from Bristol, is to return to Cape Town came as detectives promised "an explosive revelation" in the case.

A police source said yesterday: "The new information will show this was not a random hijacking."

Tragic Anni, 28, was killed after carjackers seized the cab she and Shrien, who married two weeks before, were travelling in.

Shrien and the driver escaped unharmed but the Swedish-born bride was found shot dead in the vehicle the next day.

She was laid to rest after a Hindu "prathna" prayer vigil in Stanmore, North London.

DEWANI: 22nd November...third man arrested

DEWANI: 19th November..organising Anni's funeral

Honeymoon horror husband Shrien Dewani’s firm ‘owes £6m’ | The Sun |News

Honeymoon horror husband Shrien Dewani’s firm ‘owes £6m’ The Sun News: "THE firm run by a tycoon whose bride was killed in South Africa is £6.25million in debt.

Devastated Shrien Dewani, 30 - back in the UK to organise the funeral of tragic Anni - also faces a cash crisis with his PSP Healthcare company.

The care home chain he set up with his brother and father in 2005 owes £4million just in bank loans.

Figures for 2008 to 2009 reveal net losses doubled to £822,000 in a year.

This year's returns are overdue.

A second man was arrested yesterday over the murder of honeymoon beauty Anni.

Meanwhile Xolile Mngeni, 26, appeared in court having allegedly confessed.
The couple's car was hijacked after they visited a township near Cape Town on Saturday.
Shrien, of Westbury-on-Trym, near Bristol, was thrown out and Anni, 28, was shot dead.

Police chief Bheki Cele claimed the crime-ridden townships are no worse than Brixton, South London, yesterday.

PSP's auditors said: 'We have no cause for concern"

DEWANI: 19th November 'Cracks in Case'

DEWANI: 19th November...second suspect arrested

Second man held in Dewani murder

By James Thirst
Friday, 19 November 2010

    A second suspect has been arrested in connection with the murder of Anni Dewani in South Africa. Police Chief Bheki Cele made the announcement at a nationally televised news conference, a measure of the attention the murder of a foreigner has drawn in a country known for high rates of violent crime.

    One suspect, 26-year-old Xolile Mngeni, has appeared in a Cape Town court accused of murdering the honeymooner.

    Mrs Dewani, 28, was found dead in the early hours of Sunday after a taxi she and her husband, Shrien, were in was hijacked. Police have revealed that they have found a watch, a bangle and mobile phones thought to belong to the couple and linked to the two suspects.

    DEWANI: November 19th... financial debt revealed

    British tabloid The Sun is reporting that a company run by the widower of slain tourist Anni Dewani is in millions of pounds in debt.

    PSP Healthcare, a care home business set up by Shrien Dewani just five years ago is reported to owe over 4 million pounds in bank loans. The company is reported to have made a loss of 822,000 pounds last year, double the 2008 losses. It is also reported to not have filed its mandatory returns for the current financial year.

    Shrien is the husband of Anni. He left South Africa on Tuesday after the autopsy on his wife’s body was completed. The couple had been in Cape Town for a honeymoon. Police have not confirmed if Shrien had sustained any injuries in the hijacking which ended with his wife found dead in the hijacked vehicle.

    DEWANI: November 19th...

    Anni Dewani wanted to experience the REAL Africa

    Category: A Conversation About Race, Blacks, Death By Diversity
    Another tragic tale of death by diversity.
    The husband of murdered tourist Anni Dewani says she made the fatal decision to go into Gugulethu last Saturday night because she wanted to see the “real Africa”.
    Speaking to UK tabloid The Sun, Briton Shrien Dewani, 31, revealed on Monday that his Swedish wife said she wanted a change from the “safe” region around their hotel, Cape Town’s luxury Cape Grace, where they were staying for their honeymoon.
    “She had never been to Africa before, so she suggested that we should have a look at the ‘real Africa’,” Dewani told the newspaper.
    “Anni grew up in Sweden, and she felt as if the area around the hotel was like at home, so clean and safe, and maybe a bit sterile.
    According to The Sun, Anni was killed by a bullet which had severed an artery. She is also believed to have been sexually assaulted.
    The story speaks for itself. How people can become so brainwashed that they allow Political Correctness to trump their genetic instincts is beyond me. She was a beautiful young woman with an entire life ahead of her, until she took a vacation to Africa.
    HT: Council of Conservative Citizens

    DEWANI: November 18th Xolile Mngani ..charges of murder

    South African honeymoon murder accused in court

    Xolile Mngeni faces charges of murder and robbery after tourist from Britain, Anni Dewani, killed near Cape Town

    Anni Dewani murder
    Anni Dewani with her husband Shrien. Photograph: Bristol Evening Post/PA
    A man accused of killing a tourist from Britain during her honeymoon in South Africa appeared briefly in court today on charges of murder and robbery.

    Xolile Mngeni, 26, who was arrested on Tuesday, is suspected of murdering Anni Dewani after the car she and her husband Shrien were in was hijacked in Gugulethu, a high crime area about 12 miles (20km) from central Cape Town.

    Mngeni, who had a closely shaven head and followed proceedings via a Xhosa translator, said he would apply for legal aid because he could not pay for a lawyer.

    Magistrate Jackie Redelinghuys acceded to a state request and ordered that no photographs be published of the accused, which may prejudice a planned identification parade.

    Dewani, a Swedish national living in Britain, died of a single gunshot wound.

    Police said two men armed with guns approached the car the couple were in and forced out the driver, before speeding off with the tourists inside.

    The gunmen later released the husband, who flagged down a motorist and alerted the police.

    The vehicle was recovered with Dewani's body inside.

    Mngeni was remanded until his next appearance on 25 November.

    DEWANI: November 18th Video footage..accused appears

    Sunday, December 26, 2010

    DEWANI: November 28th, SHRIEN avoids ID Parade

    Drama as husband avoids ID parade

    New twist to honeymoon murder : Lead detective replaced on eve of court date

    Nov 28, 2010 12:00 AM | By SHANAAZ EGGINGTON and ANTON FERREIRA

    The husband of murdered honeymoon bride Anni Dewani did not attend a police identity parade yesterday, where witnesses pointed out three men arrested for the gruesome crime.

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    CONVOY: The three murder suspects leave the Manenberg police station after an identification parade this week Picture: ESA ALEXANDER
    CONVOY: The three murder suspects leave the Manenberg police station after an identification parade this week Picture: ESA ALEXANDER
    quote There's a lot of things here that don't match up - murdered woman's uncle quote

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    This was despite an impassioned plea by the murdered 28-year-old bride's family earlier this week for Shrien Dewani, 30, to return to South Africa to help police identify his wife's killers.
    The identity parade was held in Cape Town amid an international storm of claim and counter-claim over whether Dewani is a suspect in the killing.

    Anni's uncle Ashok Hindocha told The Telegraph this week: "All the Hindocha family want is to know by whom and for what our girl was murdered. I can tell you, if it was my wife who was murdered I would jump into a plane, go there and ask those people, 'Why did you kill my wife and for what?' This is a question that not only the Hindocha family but millions of people around the world would like to know."

    But police hinted that Dewani's presence at yesterday's identity parade was not vital.
    The Sunday Times has established that the lead investigator in the case has been replaced by a new team of detectives. Dewani has given differing accounts of what happened on the night two weeks ago when the couple were apparently hijacked in a taxi in Guguletu, Cape Town. Anni was shot in the neck.

    Dewani has hired leading South African lawyer Billy Gundelfinger and a top UK spin doctor, Max Clifford.

    Gundelfinger said yesterday that Dewani, who went home to Bristol four days after the murder, had not been asked to attend the parade.

    "My client has not been asked to come to South Africa," he said. "He has not been asked to participate in an ID parade and he is not in South Africa."

    The three suspects arrested so far - driver Zola Robert Tongo, Xolile Mngeniand Mziwamadoda Qwabe - will appear in Cape Town's Wynberg Regional Court tomorrow on charges of murder, aggravated robbery and kidnapping.

    All three were at the identity parade at the Manenberg Police Station. Mngeni's attorney, Vusi Tshabalala, said: "Three suspects were pointed out by two witnesses who placed them in a particular place at a particular time."

    Tshabalala did not know whether police would charge anyone else.

    Top criminal lawyer William Booth put in a surprise appearance, saying only that Gundelfinger had contacted him "for advice" regarding the case. He denied receiving instructions to act for anyone.

    Anni's family in Sweden said they don't know what to think.

    "There's a lot of things here that don't match up," Hindocha told the Sunday Times. "There are far more questions than answers."

    Hindocha said he had read the reports that Shrien was a suspect. "We can't comment on any rumours, nobody is guilty until proven guilty."

    Speculation about what really happened when the honeymoon couple and Tongo were apparently hijacked has been stoked by contradictory accounts given by Dewani.

     Inconsistencies include:
    • He first said it was Anni's idea to visit the township, but later said Tongo had suggested it;
    • He said two hijackers had pushed him out of the moving vehicle through a back window, but he had no cuts or bruises to show for it; and
    • He said the vehicle was hijacked deep in the township, but his brother Preyen later said the hijack happened on or near the N2 highway.
    Tongo, whose day job was as a chauffeur at a VIP tour and travel company, Platinum Escapes, is negotiating a plea bargain with police.

    The owner of Platinum Escapes said Tongo was moonlighting at the time.

    Clifford launched a blistering attack on the South African police and media this week, accusing them of dragging his client's name through the mud.

    "It has been claimed it was an arranged marriage and there was insurance money on Anni's life," he said.

    "Both those claims are lies and are deeply hurtful to Shrien. Other rumours include the allegation he knew the taxi driver before the holiday, which is also totally untrue."

    Clifford said Dewani had been through a "living nightmare".

    "Every day we are hearing more bogus claims and lies. It has been said Shrien will return to South Africa but I can tell you he is at home and under sedation after the shock he has been through," Clifford said.

    UK newspapers quoted "friends" of Dewani as saying he believed the South African Police were trying to set him up because they were under political pressure to pin the crime on a foreigner.

    But Hindocha said Anni's family had "full trust" in the South African Police.

    Police yesterday refused to answer any questions regarding the case. National police spokesman Tummi Shai said there would be no further comment until the investigation was closed: "Only then will our national police chief, General Bheki Cele, brief the press."

    DEWANI: Investigators lining up RAGHAVJEE family for questioning

    Exclusive: Dewani murder EC link
    11 December 2010
    Bongani Fuzile

    Investigations into the killing of honeymoon bride Anni Dewani have moved to the Eastern Cape where police are digging into a 2007 murder of a prominent doctor.

    At the same time, it has emerged that the man sought by police as the fourth suspect in the Dewani murder hails from East London.

    Monde Mbolombo was named in a plea statement by State witness Zola Tongo this week as being the one who allegedly arranged for a hitman to kill Dewani in Cape Town last month.
    Police refuse to say if Mbolombo has been arrested, although reports on Friday suggested he was in custody.

    Bizarrely, Mbolombo’s last posting on his Facebook page, where he states his hometown as East London, was made on the same day Dewani was killed – November 13.

    Written in Xhosa, he said:“Jengokuba undibilisela amanzi,awakho ayatsholoza.”
    Loosely translated into English, the posting reads as a warning – “While you are plotting against me, someone else is plotting against you.”

    That’s the last posting from Mbolombo until December 4 when he pays tribute to victory by Kaizer Chiefs over Orlando Pirates in the Soweto derby.

    Mbolombo was an employee at Protea Hotels Colosseum in Cape Town but left his job on November 30.

    The hotel group said in a statement it was working with authorities.

    “Protea Hotels is currently assisting the (police) with their inquiries and will not be making further comment given the highly sensitive legal nature of the case.”

    In his plea statement in the Cape Town High Court, Tongo said he approached a “friend of mine” – Mbolombo – to help him find a hired gun.

    “Monde put me in contact with Mziwamadoda Qwabe (one of the accused). This person is currently in custody awaiting trial in respect of his offences.

    “I informed Monde that there would be R15 000 (fifteen thousand rand) for the job. Monde said that he wanted R5 000 (five thousand) for organising the hitman and that we should pay the hitman R10 000 (ten thousand rand).”

    National police spokesperson, Brigadier Sally de Beer on Friday refused to comment when asked if Mbolombo was in custody.

    “It would be unfair to comment about this case right now. I would also not like to comment about Mbolombo and what is being said in the UK,” she said.

    Mail and Guardian reported Friday a suspect who acted as a “middleman” was preparing to turn State witness, suggesting at least that a fourth suspect had been arrested.

    Police are, however, confirming renewed interest in the 2007 murder of King William’s Town doctor, Pox Raghavjee.

    Rhagavjee was killed in his car near Bhisho stadium. His body was found with a bullet wound in the head.

    Nobody has ever been arrested for the killing.

    Last month the Dispatch reported that the family of Dewani’s husband Shrien – implicated by Tongo as the conspirator in his wife’s killing – knew the Raghavjees through mutual friend and King William’s Town businessman, Peter Dhaya.

    Now the Dispatch can confirm that:

    - Police bosses in Pretoria have ordered a fresh investigation into Raghavjee’s murder; and
    - Investigators are lining up family of Raghavjee for questioning;

    Earlier this week, Ben Watson, a lawyer representing South African authorities in the extradition of Shrien Dewani from the UK, shocked a London court when he said police believed Shrien was involved in a previous murder in the country.

    Watson was quoted as saying that it was a similar incident in which he arranged for someone to be killed in a faked hijacking.

    It wasn’t clear where in the country the alleged incident took place.

    King William’s Town police spokesperson Captain Thozama Solani on Friday confirmed to the Saturday Dispatch that Raghavjee’s case was being looked at afresh.

    “We can confirm that the investigations are on again in the case of Dr Pox,” said Solani.
    An official closer to Raghavjee’s investigation also confirmed  to the Dispatch that they had received instructions to revisit the case.

    “The team is visiting the case again after recent media reports,” said the official.
    Attempts to get a comment from Raghavjee’s, widow, Heather, drew a blank as she is said to be out of the country.

    Dinker Dhaya, a family friend, said Heather Raghavjee was currently overseas, without stating which country.

    Family spokesperson, Peter Dhaya couldn’t be reached for comment either.

    National Prosecuting Authority spokesperson, Mthunzi Mhaga also declined to comment, saying they were busy with the extradition of Shrien.

    Tongo was jailed for 18 years this week for his part in the  murder after cutting a deal with the State.

    Qwabe and third accused Xolile Mngeni will appear in court next year in February.

    DEWANI: BBC Interview 'NOT RECKLESS' SHRIEN shows no remorse

    South Africa carjacked couple 'not reckless'

    Shrien and Anni Dewani The couple had been married for two weeks

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    The husband of a woman killed on honeymoon in South Africa has denied that they acted in a reckless way.

    Shrien Dewani said the decision to drive into a township of Cape Town at night had not been ill informed.

    Police in South Africa said they have arrested a man in connection with the death of 28-year-old Anni Dewani.

    The couple, from Bristol, were kidnapped near Cape Town on Saturday. Mr Dewani was released unharmed.

    Surrounded by family and friends, Mr Dewani, 31, said it was his new wife who had made the decision to go to one of the city's poorest areas.

    Mr Dewani said on Saturday night, after dinner in a suburb and a walk on the beach, they got in a taxi to head back to Cape Town.

    'Life is ruined'

    He said that, on the way, Mrs Dewani said she would like to see some of the "real South Africa" and the taxi driver left the motorway and headed towards Gugulethu township.

    The plan was simply to drive through but, two miles outside, their vehicle was carjacked by armed men.

    The taxi driver and then Mr Dewani were forced from the vehicle. The car with Mrs Dewani's body inside was found on Sunday morning.

    Mr Dewani said: "It was an impulsive decision to drive through the township but for anyone to suggest it was reckless or careless is unfair."

    He said his wife's death meant "my life is ruined".

    'Several leads'

    A spokesman for the South African police said: "A 26-year-old man from Khayelitsha was taken in for questioning this morning in connection with the hijacking of the UK couple that occurred in Gugulethu on Saturday evening.

    "A murder case was opened in connection with the death of 28-year-old Anni Dewani whose body was found in Khayelitsha on Sunday.

    "Police are working around the clock to ensure that the perpetrators of the crimes are brought to book.

    "Several leads are currently being followed in a bid to solve the case."

    The couple from Westbury-on-Trym, had been married for two weeks.

    Mr Dewani is reported to own PSP Healthcare, which operates eight nursing homes in south-west England.

    COMMENT: No mention here of Jamie Olivers retstuarant ????

    DEWANI November 15th

    Monday, November 15, 2010

    Honeymoon horror: Briton's wife 'shot dead' as newlyweds looked for township restaurant Jamie Oliver made famous

    Widowed within a fortnight: Millionaire Shrien Dewani with his wife Anni

    The wife of a British tourist has been murdered on honeymoon in South Africa by armed robbers who hijacked the taxi she and her husband were travelling in.
    Anni Dewani, 28, was two nights into the holiday with millionaire businessman Shrien Dewani, 30.
    The newlyweds, who had been looking for a restaurant recommended by TV chef Jamie Oliver, were stopped in their taxi at 11pm by two men in one of Cape Town’s impoverished townships.
    After forcing the driver out, the robbers sped off with the terrified couple, who were married only two weeks ago.
    An hour later, they released Mr Dewani unharmed about five miles from the hijack scene after robbing him.
    His wife’s body was later found in another of Cape Town’s slums, slumped on the back seat of the abandoned minibus. Unconfirmed reports suggested she had been shot.
    The couple are from Bristol, where last night Mr Dewani’s family created a Hindu shrine to his wife at their detached house in an upmarket suburb.
    Distraught relatives gathered to pray and comfort each other.
    Mr Dewani’s brother Preyen said: ‘We are devastated. We are still in shock. The body is being taken to the morgue as I speak.’
    Last night police in South Africa gave more details about the tragedy. Colonel Andre Traut said Mrs Dewani and her husband, who runs a string of nursing homes across the South West, had spent the day touring the Cape region’s vineyards.

    Carjacking: The car where British woman on honeymonn was found murdered

    Carjacking: The car in which the British woman was found murdered

    Evidence: Blood beneath a door on the car will be examined by forensic experts

    They then had supper at a restaurant in the upmarket suburb of Somerset West, 30 miles from Cape Town.
    Their route back to central Cape Town would have taken them past some of the city’s ramshackle townships, which house many of the city’s poorest black population.
    While the townships are generally considered no-go areas for tourists, some of their restaurants and bars have gained a reputation as lively places to eat and drink.
    It is believed that, as they drove past the Guguletu township, the couple decided to take a diversion into the area to experience the nightlife.
    They may have become lost trying to find Mzoli’s Meat, an outdoor barbecue restaurant and bar which bills itself as an ‘authentic taste of township life’. 
    Oliver visited it last year and in a seven-page spread in his magazine, described the food as ‘heaven’ and ‘totally sexy’. 
    He added: ‘In this part of the world, fresh is where it’s at. Just kill it. Gut it. Skin it. Eat it.’

    But Colonel Traut said the couple's taxi was waved down by the gun-toting men.
    He said Mr Dewani, who has relatives in South Africa, was released from the taxi in the nearby Harare area, adding: ‘After seeking the assistance of a passing motorist, he was taken to Harare police station unharmed.

    ‘An extensive search for the vehicle and the female victim resulted in the discovery of the hijacked vehicle, with the female victim’s body on the back seat. An autopsy will later reveal the exact cause of her death.’
    Local guesthouse owner Liziwes Ngcokoto said: ‘The cops said they badly wanted to catch who did it and lock them up. I hope they are caught soon.’

    South Africa has one of the worst crime rates in the world, but most problems occur in the poorest areas where tourists are unlikely to stray.
    Although there were 14,915 car-jackings there last year, they are a rare occurrence in the Western Cape region, which has less crime than much of the rest of South Africa.
    Yesterday, Western Cape economic minister Alan Winde said: ‘We are obviously devastated by the tragedy.
    ‘This is absolutely shocking and terrible and the police are working very hard to catch these killers.
    ‘We thought we had got these days behind us.’
    He said Mr Dewani had been given counselling and accommodation