Sunday, December 26, 2010

Brit-Indian honeymooner was refunded wife's return airfare following her murder

London, Dec 17 : Shrien Dewani, the Brit-Indian millionaire whose wife was killed during their honeymoon, was reportedly refunded Anni's return air fare days after her murder in South Africa.

The Sun quoted a BA source as saying that a proportion of the cost of his wife's business class ticket was paid back after a call to British Airways by a representative of the tycoon.

"Mr Dewani did not call in person but a request was received for a refund of the return fare from Cape Town. A proportion of the cost was refunded to him," the source added.

Although it was unclear exactly how much was returned, the sum could have been as low as 75 pounds after deducting the cancellation charges, the paper said.

A relative is believed to have made the call to the airline in London because Dewani appeared too upset to deal with it himself, it added.

The couple were two weeks into their Cape Town honeymoon when the taxi they were in was hijacked in the Khayelitsha township by two men armed with guns on November 13.