A man is being questioned by South African police over the killing of a Swedish model and engineer during their honeymoon in Cape Town, as her millionaire British husband denied they were "reckless" in travelling through one of the city's poorest areas.

Shrien Dewani, 31, and his 28-year-old Swedish wife Anni, were carjacked by two men wielding guns while riding in a taxi through Gugulethu township near Cape Town on Saturday.

Mr Dewani was thrown out of the car shortly after, but Mrs Dewani remained with the kidnappers and was found dead in the back seat with three bullet holes in her chest the next morning.

"He will have to appear in court within 48 hours. At this stage we cannot comment on what he might be charged with, that will all form part of the investigation," the Daily Mail reported Western Cape community safety minister Albert Fritz as saying.

"Obviously the suspect has rights but we would want to see justice as quickly as possible. If was could do it this week then that would be excellent."

The man could be charged under new
fast track laws that were introduced ahead of the football World Cup this June.

'Not reckless'

Mr Dewani admitted to the BBC that it was "an impulsive decision to
drive through the township".

"... but for anyone to suggest it was reckless or careless is unfair."

"Of course I have an enormous amount of guilt about the whole episode. However, having gone through events over and over again in my mind, it is difficult to see how we could have done things differently," he said to the Mail.

He said after dinner at Somerset West, a Cape Town suburb, the couple were heading back to their five-star hotel in the city when his wife of two weeks suggested they visit a township to see the "real Africa".

"Anni grew up in Sweden, and she felt as if the area around this hotel was just like at home - so clean and safe, and maybe a bit sterile. She had never been to Africa before, so she suggested that we should have a look at the 'real Africa'.

"The stop was on the way back here and was intended so that we could experience a township. We were barely in the Gugulethu township when the attack happened."

Mr Dewani said the couple were confronted by two armed men who banged on their
windows with their guns and smashed the driver's window. "I don't want to go into detail about what happened during the attack, because I will probably start crying. But they were so cold. They put a gun in my ear and pulled back the trigger – it really was the stuff of movies."

The men pushed the taxi driver out of the car and drove the couple around for 20 minutes, taking their valuables and telling them they would not be harmed as "we just want the car".

"That was a lie. Most of the conversation in the car was us pleading for us to be dumped together. I held on to Anni as I said to them, 'Look, if you're not going to hurt her why don't you let us go?"'

But they pushed Mr Dewani out through one of the car's windows shortly after, telling him that they would "dump her a few minutes later in a different place".

"It must have been around 10pm or 10.15pm. I
knocked on the doors of some shacks, but no one opened up.

"Then I noticed a man who was putting away his car and he agreed to call the police. The police took 25 minutes to arrive, during which time I just stood there, in the dark.

"When they did arrive, the police drove around slowly. It was extremely frustrating."

But he said the police stepped up their search later that night, eventually finding the taxi and Mrs Dewani's body in another township the next morning.

Mrs Dewani's father, Vinod Hindocha, said he did not understand why the men had to kill his daughter.

"Shrien and Anni were robbed of everything they owned, money, gold rings, jewellery, yet the thieves were still not satisfied," Mr Hindocha told London's Telegraph.

"When I spoke to Anni this Friday she was so
proud and happy. She said that she had so much to tell me when she came back home again.

"The new house in Bristol was soon ready and both were eager to build a big family with many children. Now she leaves the country in a coffin. It's so unnecessary and so meaningless."

Comment: In later publications only this part of Shriens comment is used...

by the 17th the drivers window has been 'smashed' and Shrien does not mention the reason they were there in the first place , searching for Jamie Olivers restaurant...no wonder they hired Max Clifford to clear up the inconsistancies pouring from Shriens mouth.


Quote...."Of course I have an enormous amount of guilt about the whole episode. However, having gone through events over and over again in my mind, it is difficult to see how we could have done things differently," he said to the Mail."


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